Generative AI in FSI: Data, ethics, regulation, and security

Generative AI offers a new opportunity for financial service & insurance organisations (FSI) to improve the customer and employee experience.

Download the whitepaper to learn how your organisation can:

  • Develop the strong data strategy and infrastructure needed to fully reap the benefits of generative AI
  • Address the ethical and regulatory concerns when implementing generative AI in FSI
  • Implement and maintain generative AI securely to protect your organisation's data
  • Solve customer problems faster and more efficiently by providing your workforce with the tools they need 


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Bringing ethical considerations to the deployment of AI is paramount, because there are things that can go wrong, like bias being embedded in solutions or decision-making processes becoming a black box. Giving such risks the attention they deserve can unlock the true potential of AI to achieve benefits for FSI organisations and customers alike, at scale.

Suzanne Brinks, Data Ethics Manager


Generative AI in financial services can deliver:

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Improved front office operations

Providing a faster, more personalised service.

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Document analysis


Documents can be summarised and compared. 

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Improved fraud detection

Synthetic data can be created to indicate fraudulent activity.

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Compliance monitoring


Reports can be created to monitor activities in line with regulations.

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Contact centre insights


Voice and text data can be analysed to generate insights and recommendations.

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Virtual agents/chatbots

Better chatbots can be used by customers on a self-serve basis with natural language.

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