Workshop: Find out where generative AI can help claimants most

In this free workshop we will work with you to define customer pain points in the claims process and identify where generative AI can be of most benefit.

How to prepare for your workshop


Claims overview


What does your organisation's claims process currently look like?

momentum_Aim 1.png

Business priorities


What is your organisation's current focus?

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Current plans


Do you have any ongoing transformation programs we need to be aware of?

What does the workshop entail?

Here is a sample workshop agenda:




Consider the opportunities for process improvement and how they align with your organisation's priorities.




Identify your improvement priorities within the claims process, what are your most prominent customer touchpoints?




Review your company's current data landscape.

After considering these factors, we can analyse the potential benefits of transformation for your organisation and the complexity of implementation.

What happens next?

  • Opportunity heatmap- We identify the potential transformation opportunities for your organisation and measure how complex they would be to implement.
  • Business unit organisation chart- We can tailor any potential transformation opportunities using your organisational structure to personalise our approach.


After reviewing the opportunities to enhance your claims process, we will align with your organisation for next steps. Once both parties are in agreement, Kainos can create a detailed proposal on Azure OpenAI proof of value based on the identified opportunities your organisation would like to action.

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