How to elevate the customer claims experience with generative AI

The claims process represents a moment of truth for customers and their insurers, with customers experiencing the true value of their insurer’s service. 

Download the whitepaper to learn how you can elevate your customer experience, through:

  • Embedding generative AI into the customer claims experience
  • Aligning with Consumer Duty regulation
  • Building a sustainable claims process
  • Strengthening trust with your customers


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Generative AI will impact almost every step of the claim’s lifecycle. Customer service representatives can use it to summarise policy documents during the first notice of loss and more quickly respond to customer enquiries along the claims journey. Claim adjusters and handlers will use it to quickly ensure that high-priority claims are handled promptly and that lower-priority claims don’t cause delays or backlogs. Insurance recovery specialists will use it to help the coding of subrogation and reinsurance claims to expedite the recovery of capital due to third parties or reinsurers.”

Sasha Sanyal, Global Insurance Leader


Generative AI in claims can deliver

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Improved customer experience

Delivered through faster, more personalised service

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Cost savings


Delivered through efficiencies and increased customer retention

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Improved employee experience

Allowing staff to focus on high-value work

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Increased accuracy


Claims are more accurate and outcomes substantiated

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Increased Innovation


Azure OpenAI allows insurers to innovate 

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An ethical, secure and compliant service

Delivered in line with industry best practice.

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